Author Chelsea Camaron

Smokin' hot suspense!


Stalled (Book 6 Love & Repair Series)


Keeping everyone at a distance for the last fourteen years has been easier said than done. Sophia has succeeded. Giving up the closest thing to a genuine relationship she ever had to remain focused on what she was forced to give up. Four more years to go before she can meet her son, she tells herself. Going through the motions day in and day out, doing whatever necessary to get by.
An unexpected surprise arrives at Sophia's door step, giving her the very thing she desires most. Forgiveness isn't easily given. Love doesn't always overcome the bitter pain of years lost. The bitterness in Sophia's heart can't be pushed aside all because her first love arrives with her one love - her son.
Sophia's life has been stalled for years anticipating holding her son once again. When that day arrives, can she forgive her first love for his betrayal? Can she forgive the years wasted and time lost? Does Sophia finally get her life in gear and move forward to her happily ever after?

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